30 Films in 31 Days (1)

My quest to watch 30 films in the month of December got off a slow start, which was caused by my sister’s wedding and post-America illness (at least these are my excuses). I didn’t watch my first film of the month until December 6, and I’ve been playing catch-up since then. By December 11, I’m at eight films. While averaging one film per day is really nothing for a full-time critic, the same cannot be said for an average dude who has other priorities in life. At least, I’m free enough to give this a go in December. For those who are interested, here are the snippets of my thoughts on the films I’ve watched so far.

1. Breaking the Waves (directed by Lars Von Trier, 1996)


I watched this for the 20th anniversary of Broadway Cinematheque, which got me all excited about seeing it in 35mm. Okay, I get that any old print is going to have some signs of wear and tear but this print they were showing is beyond watchable. I’ve seen my fair share of damaged prints (most were way older than 1996) during my days working at the Hong Kong Film Archive, but this print’s color is absolutely unrecognizable and the flickering in the first reel is out of control. The only reason that stopped me from making a formal complaint is the low admission price of HK$20 but I still consider it to be highly irresponsible for the cinema to have the audience endure 2 hours and 39 minutes of such quality. It definitely gave 35mm a bad name for those who were uninitiated.

But thank goodness I’ve seen this Lars Von Trier classic before and am a big fan of it. This film does not cease to move me. It is still mind-blowing how a film about a woman misguidedly sacrifices herself for her paralyzed husband by fucking random gross men is one of the greatest stories about love and faith. Transcending and demolishing Continue reading “30 Films in 31 Days (1)”